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The Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition

C.H.E.F. helped to form the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition (COPC) in 2007, and is now one of the over 45 members that make up the Coalition today. COPC is a critically-needed statewide partnership that is tackling childhood obesity by working at the levels of policy and systems. The diverse interests represented in the Coalition—nutrition, physical activity, education, hospitals, health provider groups, public health, environment, alternative transportation, and local and state non-profits—makes the coalition uniquely broad and influential.

COPC has been a major part of several policy efforts and successes in multiple issue areas, including:

  1. Promoting health as a transportation goal
  2. Keeping schools free of junk food and unhealthy marketing
  3. Safe routes to school
  4. Creation of a food policy council
  5. Soda and sugary drink awareness through our Soda Free Sundays campaign (see
  6. Governmental food procurement
  7. Complete streets
  8. Child care standards

COPC also works in issues regarding the joint use of school facilities (playgrounds, gyms, kitchens) with community-based organizations. For more information on the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition, including its most recent accomplishments and areas of focus, and how to contact Coalition staff, visit
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